Bill Martin

Austin Community College
Higher Education Instructor of the Year

Bill Martin is an intellectual man who is continually questioning what will work best for his students in his attempts to find for them ways to communicate their ideas and learn more about the world around them. During his classes, students use their observations of the world around them as inspiration for their writing. Bill names these pieces “Occasional Papers.” He also listens carefully to his students to learn more about their interests in reading and encourages them to think deeply about themselves, their peers, and the events of their own and others’ worlds, as well as to consider that even everyday events are opportunities for learning. 

In addition to all of the work that Bill does with his students, he is a professional who continues to learn from others by attending TCTELA, NCTE, and CCC conferences and by reading professional articles and books. He values the conversations that people are having about writing, about teaching writers, and about pedagogy.