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Dr. Kylene Beers

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Kylene Beers, author of When Kids Can’t Read/What Teachers Can Do (Heinemann, 2003), and Robert E. Probst, author of Response and Analysis, 2nd edition (Heinemann, 2004), are respected authorities on reading instruction. Kylene—focusing more on reading strategies—and Bob—focusing more on engagement and literary analysis—present together to show teachers and administrators how coordinated attention to strategies and engagement help readers, especially those who struggle, improve. Kylene, a former middle school teacher, and Bob, a former high school teacher, have both taught at the university level. Now a senior reading advisor to secondary schools at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, Kylene was the 2008–2009 president of the National Council of Teachers of English. Bob, now professor emeritus of English education at Georgia State University, is co-author, with Kylene, of Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading (Heinemann, 2012); Reading Nonfiction: Stances, Signposts, and Strategies (Heinemann, 2015); and Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters (Scholastic, 2017). They are co-editors, with Linda Rief, of Adolescent Literacy: Turning Promise into Practice. Kylene has taught in public schools and held positions at the University of Houston and the Comer School Development Program at Yale University. She has served as editor of the NCTE journal Voices from the Middle and is a contributor to national literacy journals. Bob also taught in public schools before becoming a district supervisor of language arts. He has served as a board member for both the NCTE Commission on Reading and the Conference on English Education (of NCTE) and as a column editor for Voices for the Middle. They are both recent recipients of the Conference on English Leadership Outstanding Leader Award and are both frequent speakers nationally and internationally on issues of literacy. Their most recent book, Disrupting Thinking, is the winner of the 2018 Teachers Choice Award for Professional Books. Kylene and Bob are both authors on HMH Into Reading and program consultants on HMH Into Literature.